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 so recently i remembered how i never finished the "30 days of music" meme that i started back in.. may? so i've updated it with everything that i was missing, and maybe ~1 week from now i'm going to start something new: a 365-day photography challenge! i found the original list at photochallenge2. and since ryan bought me an amazing digital camera earlier this year for my birthday, i'm really going to use it! i'm going to pencil in the subject for what i'm going to do every day in my planner so i don't forget. :) i'm actually really excited because this is a long-term project that i want to put a LOT of effort in to. in case you're curious, here's the whole list - all 365!

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this post will be public just like the 30 day of music meme!

this project began on november 1, 2010.

to view daily updates on this project, check my flickr photostream.

30 days of music

i've decided to do the 30 days of music meme.
i can't guarantee that i'll post every single day, so some days might include two or three songs/videos. (we all know how unreliable i am at keeping up with anything)

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i'll try and keep up as frequently as possible, and what i'm going to be doing is putting previous days under a cut and having the current day shown.

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